Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dresser Card - Baby Girl

I saw this adorable baby dresser card online and wanted to duplicate it for my girlfriend Joss.  She is expecting her little girl next month and her shower is tomorrow; I can't wait to give it to her!

Supplies needed:
One 12x12 sheet of cardstock
Brown ink 
Hole puncher
Scraps of patterned paper
Onesie stamp
Pop-dots and regular adhesive
Metal hanger (mine is from Tim Holtz)

1.  Cut your 12x12 cardstock into five pieces:
-One piece 4.5x12" (the card base)
-One piece 1x5" (the top wood trim)
-Three pieces 1.25x4.25" (the drawers)

2.  Score your card base (the biggest piece) and fold.  

3.  Sponge all of the edges with brown ink.  This is subtle but gives the dresser some dimension.  

4. Punch holes in your drawers for the brads.  I measured and marked with a pencil on the backside of one drawer so they'd be even, then punched through all three layers at the same time.

5. Apply brads to drawers.  Please note there is NO brad under the onesie.

6.  Using pop-dots, adhere the wood trim to the top of the card.  Then line up the drawers and adhere with pop dots in the remaining space. 

7.  Stamp a onesie and cut out.  Using sticky strip or other strong adhesive, adhere to hanger.  Hook the top of the hanger over a drawer and adhere using pop-dots.

8.  Make a blanket using a scrap of paper.  I used patterned paper, cut a fringe, and embossed it with a small dot pattern.  Fold the top edge and tuck behind the top of the bottom drawer.  Adhere front with a pop-dot.

Time consuming, yes - I'm not going to lie, this took over an hour!  But for a good friend at a very exciting time in her life, it's WELL worth it.  :) 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birthday Balloon Wreath

Another easy, quick project with beautiful results - my favourite kind!

Here are the supplies needed:
-One pool noodle (or styrofoam wreath form)
-Duct tape (if using pool noodle)
-Balloons.  I used 350 full-size balloons.
-Floral pins.  I used 360 of these (a few extra for the joint on the wreath.)

The pool noodle is used in place of a wreath form.  Honestly, wreath forms are almost always the most expensive part of my projects so I've been looking for an alternative.  Pool noodles are $2 at the dollar store - perfect!


1.  Cut your pool noodle to the desired length.  I cut a little over a foot off of mine and left myself with about 4' of noodle.  You can just cut it with a big kitchen knife - if you've got good knives, this is easier than you'd think!

2.  Bend your noodle into a circle and secure the ends with floral pins (putting one side of the pin on each side of the cut) and duct tape.  Nothing else will be strong enough to hold it.  Ta-da!  You have a wreath form with a $2 price tag (and a couple of strips of duct tape.)

3.  Feed a floral pin through the middle of your balloon.

4.  Stick the pin into the form.

5.  Repeat.

6. ...and keep repeating.

7.  And keep repeating.  This is what the wreath looks like with 100 balloons:

8.  Keep going.  This is 200 balloons:

9.  Keep going until you're *almost* finished.  Leave a gap just wider than the width of your ribbon.

10.  Feed the ribbon through the gap and tie a knot or bow at the top.  Continue pinning balloons over top of the ribbon to cover and fill the gap.

You're done!  Easy as that!

The cost?
Pool noodle - $2
Spool of ribbon - $3.50
Balloons (5 packages of 72 balloons at $5 each) - $25
Floral pins (4 packages of 100 at $1.44 each) - $5.76
Incidentals - some duct tape.

TOTAL:  $36.26.  Not too shabby!

Enjoy and happy crafting!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Peacock Monogram Wreath

Another easy wreath project!  Once it warms up a bit here (I'm thinking Tuesday...) I'll finally be able to mount a hook on our front door so I can start hanging these!

Supplies used: 
-Extruded wreath from Michael's ($3.50 w/ a coupon)
-Peacock feathers from Dollarama ($2 for a three-pack)
-Monogram from Michael's ($2)
-Brown yarn from Michaels ($4)
-Paint from Michael's ($3)
-Shimmery ribbon from Michael's ($6)

Total:  $20.50, plus I still have a bottle of paint, most of a spool of ribbon, and half-a-ball of yarn left over! 

Instructions are easy: 
1. Using hot glue, attach one end of yarn to the back of the wreath form.
2. Wrap yarn around wreath, pushing together to cover gaps.  Secure end with hot glue.
3.  Cut peacock feathers where desired, arrange, and adhere with hot glue.
4.  Paint monogram letter.  Adhere to wreath with hot glue.
5.  Attach ribbon in a slip-knot.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

52 Things - A Valentine's Gift

Pinterest has totally changed the way I craft.  I had been getting so bored with cards, so I moved into scrapbooking, but honestly, that wasn't thrilling me too much.  There are so many FABULOUS ideas on Pinterest, though, that I'm seeing things in a whole new light!

This was another project I decided to tackle as a v-day gift for my husband; it's a repurposed deck of cards, made into a personalized mini-scrapbook titled "52 Things I Love About You."  Honestly, the hardest part was thinking of the 52 things!

This was very easy to assemble - Start with one card (I used a Joker for the cover so there would be 52 cards inside) and punch two holes in it.  Using that card as a template, line up the other cards and punch them all.  Attach eyelets to the front and back cover, then string all of the cards onto binder rings.  Decorate as you wish and you're done!

The best part of this project?  I didn't have to cut a single new sheet of paper - this was made entirely from scraps!  I keep all of my scraps in a box for small projects, and this was a perfect way to use up a LOT of them.  Gotta love that!  

There were a lot of supplies used in this, but I'll share the ones shown (as much as I remember!)

Cover:  Numbers from American Crafts, letters from Cosmo Cricket.
Sushi:  Stamps from Cornish Heritage Farms (one of the Kim Hughes sets.)
Chemistry:  Patterned paper from Jillibean Soup.
Suit: Pinstripe paper from Costco value pack, checkered paper from October Afternoon "Farm Fresh."  Tie was cut by hand.
Technology Problems: Paper from October Afternoon "Modern Homemaker," amplifier from Imaginisce.
Don't Mind when I Don't Cook:  Paper from October Afternoon "Farm Fresh."
Dog Whisperer:  Paper from Basic Grey "Max and Whiskers."
Handy:  Stamp from Stampin' Up "Every Little Bit" set; woodgrain background stamp from Hero Arts.
Ridiculous Ideas:  I wish I knew where this sock monkey paper was from so I could buy more, but I can't remember!  I've had it for years...
House:  Paper from October Afternoon "Weathervane."

Enjoy and hope you had a wonderful valentine's day!

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