Sunday, February 19, 2012

Peacock Monogram Wreath

Another easy wreath project!  Once it warms up a bit here (I'm thinking Tuesday...) I'll finally be able to mount a hook on our front door so I can start hanging these!

Supplies used: 
-Extruded wreath from Michael's ($3.50 w/ a coupon)
-Peacock feathers from Dollarama ($2 for a three-pack)
-Monogram from Michael's ($2)
-Brown yarn from Michaels ($4)
-Paint from Michael's ($3)
-Shimmery ribbon from Michael's ($6)

Total:  $20.50, plus I still have a bottle of paint, most of a spool of ribbon, and half-a-ball of yarn left over! 

Instructions are easy: 
1. Using hot glue, attach one end of yarn to the back of the wreath form.
2. Wrap yarn around wreath, pushing together to cover gaps.  Secure end with hot glue.
3.  Cut peacock feathers where desired, arrange, and adhere with hot glue.
4.  Paint monogram letter.  Adhere to wreath with hot glue.
5.  Attach ribbon in a slip-knot.


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