Saturday, April 5, 2014

Road 15 Jelly Roll and Stampin' Up Spice Cake Chevron Quilts

I'm pretty sure only one person still checks this blog - right??  There's so much I want to share but life always happens and I can never seem to find the time.

I decided when I turned 30 last year that I would learn to quilt - two days later, I had finished my first quilt top.  I've done two full-size quilts since then so I thought I'd share those tonight.  They're a long way from perfect, but I love how they turned out and each little "flaw" is a learning experience.  The biggest lesson?  I need a LOT of practice with binding!

The first was make with Moda's "Road 15" fabric collection.  This was an easy jelly roll quilt, and I finished it with free-motion quilting.  I'm really happy with this one - it's a great size for one person, nice and warm, and the bright colours and fun patterns are so much fun.


Not long after this, I attempted a very large chevron quilt for a friend - and this was where I realized how much work I need with binding!  I think glue and a few staples might have done a better job than I did.  Regardless, it still *looks* pretty darn good - just don't get too close!  This was made with the now-discontinued Spice Cake fabric collection from Stampin' Up.  It was done with straight-line quilting in the chevon pattern.  I quilted it about 1/4" out of the ditch on both sides. 

I'll try and post more stuff in the near future - believe it or not, in spite of the lack of updates, I still have a stack of cards and scrapbook pages waiting to be shared!  :) 


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